Teeth whitening in Javea - White teeth

Teeth whitening in Javea

Our dental pratice in Javea offers you several dental whitening options. Among these, there is the in-chair whitening solution with several options available. We also offer custom take home whitening kits. Depending on your case, Doctor Carbasse will advise you on the best tooth whitening solution.

Our dental clinic offers several dental whitening solutions depending on the condition of your teeth, whether they are obscured by certain lifestyle habits, by taking medications or genetic reasons.

We are aware that each smile is different.  We guarantee a personalized and optimal result according to your needs. Here are the main types of teeth whitening available with Doctor Carbasse.

Take home bleaching

Is a tooth whitening option that is carried out at home with a whitening gel and trays. This is a customised whitening treatment followed by the dentist and reviewed at regular intervals until reaching the desired shade.

Whitening in a single session

This type of tooth whitening is very fast and is done in a single session using a whitening gel and pulsed light. Depending on your case, Doctor Carbasse will study the type of gel to use.

Teeth whitening in Javea

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Dental treatments

Dental Scale and Polish in Javea

A regular scale and polish (dental cleaning) is a preventive treatment that ensures good oral hygiene. This treatment is to be carried out periodically.

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Dental veneers in Javea

Veneers are made up of a thin layer of approximately 0.6mm of ceramic or resin, the dental veneer allows you to completely change the aesthetics of your smile, it is fixed to the front surface of the tooth and fits in perfectly with the appearance of the mouth and adjacent teeth.

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Crowns and bridges in Javea

A dental crown is a dental prosthesis which allows the restoration of a tooth. it consists of covering the tooth in order to restore its shape, its natural size and its aesthetics. there are several kinds of materials for dental crowns, among them, metal ceramic, zirconia and emax.

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Why choose Dr. Carolyn Carbasse?

Perfectionism, experience and technology all in one clinic

Dentist Javea : Caroline Carbasse

Doctor's expertise

Doctor Carolyn Carbasse is an English dentist who graduated from the prestigious "Guy's Hospital" KCL (King's College London) University in London as a maxilofacial dental surgeon, ranked best dental university in the world for many years ...
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Passionate about beauty and well-being, Carolyn has dedicated herself from the beginning to studying both dental and facial aesthetics, particularly concentrating on creating the perfect smile.

Dentist Javea :Success


Dr. Carolyn Carbasse, has used her skill and experience in both dental and aesthetic treatments to successfully improve the smile of over 800 patients on "full dental reconstructions" during her 20 years on the Costa Blanca. These cases include everything from complete dental reconstruction to the improvement of the smile by aesthetic treatments to the peri-oral area. 

Dentist Javea :Dental laboratory in Javea


Zen Smile Spa dental clinic in Javea has their own on site dental prothesis laboratory located within the clinic. The laboratory is managed by Pascal Garde, dental technician and manager with many years experience. He takes care of internal work involving acrylic and thermoplastic materials. Ceramic crowns and bridges are made in another laboratory located also in Javea .

One commitment

Perfectly aware that a face is illuminated by a smile, Doctor Carolyn Carbasse continues her studies keeping up to date with the latest cutting-edge techniques. This along with her high level of skill, attention to detail and desire for perfection enables her to create the perfect smile, taking in to account the shape, texture and colour of the teeth along with the patients age, face shape and skin tone.

Dentist Javea :Advanced technologies

Advanced technology

Doctor Carolyn Carbasse has equipped the clinic with the highest standard of technology and equipment. Thanks to this equipment we can offer our patients the highest level of care in all treatment aspects.